How does a booth look?

How to present your company at the exhibition

There will be a booth for each exhibitor – or rather reserved space in front of one of the big white walls seen on the image above.

For each exhibitor there will be a large table for marketing materials and two chairs.

The white wall is 3,6 x 3,6 meters and will be used as a background. You have various ways to decorate the wall:

  • The stand comes with a banner top with your name – and it is for you to decorate the wall with posters and/or pull-up/-s with information.
    We strongly urge you to bring or send a sufficient number of posters to cover this very large wall as a standard poster literally drowns on this background.
  • You can order a back drop with full decoration of the wall. We will produce the backdrop in cooperation with you. Price for the backdrop is USD 300 extra for each booth.

When reserving the booth you decide which solution suits your company.


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